About Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands LLP is a bunch of servile lackeys whom I graciously permit to do my bidding in this world.

Visit their website www.sparkfurnace.com where you will learn about their other projects. (That is, my other projects, administered by said lackeys on my behalf because I myself am busy with more important matters. Like ruling the Nine Worlds, planning acts of delirious wickedness, and getting my homework done.)

They also have a blog dedicated to Fabled Lands, the good parts of which owe everything to my genius. The rest I hereby disown.

And, as even lackeys must have lackeys of their own, I have given them leave to appoint Piers Blofeld, noted secret agent, to represent my schemes to the cringing hordes of television, films, books, videogames and palantirs. Blofeld’s clandestine base is at Sheil Land Associates, but of course that’s strictly confidential. So don’t tell anyone, especially not that self-righteous cur Hasdruban.

If you have anything you feel I should know, you may contact me via said lackeys at info@fabledlands.net. But be warned: do not try the Dark Lord’s patience. Unless of course you want to help out with that homework.